NC Haunted Houses

The Fright Scales, below, reflect how scary the attractions are, not how much I like them. That being said, Spooky Woods is my favorite. For reference:

💀- Cute with a nice Halloween vibe
💀💀 – A little spooky, maybe some friendly monsters or ghost stories
💀💀💀 – Zombies and chainsaws, but a bit tongue-in-cheek
💀💀💀💀 – They will scare you and your visit will be memorable

Spooky Woods (south of Greensboro) — It’s one, long experience through multiple houses, a corn field, tractor rides, etc. Dress warmly and be prepared to wait in line an hour to get in. Actors range from high school to college to older, and all are pretty serious about their work so it’s a good scare.
Fright scale: 💀💀💀💀

Woods of Terror (north Greensboro) — This one is one, big haunted houses. A bit smaller than Spooky Woods, but good quality. There’s a room that feels like you’re right in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Actors are generally high school aged, with a few adults mixed in, but all are serious about their work.
Fright scale: 💀💀💀💀

Haunted Forest at Panic Point (north of Wake Forest) — Multiple attractions, most of them outside. You’ll walk a lot, and stand in lines, but there were some moments last year that were the scariest I experienced at any attraction. This place draws more high school kids than others, so you’ll get some fun people watching: boys trying to be tough, packs of girls screaming their heads off. As with others, dress warm. Actors are mostly high school aged, but are serious about scaring you.
Fright scale: 💀💀💀

Hollywood Horror Show — Out in Snow Camp, this one is run by someone who has done effects in actual horror movies. It’s one, long attraction, and the quality is just amazing. Staffed by adults and high school kids, this one is a great choice. The polish of certain areas is amazing.
Fright scale: 💀💀💀

Clayton Fear Farm (Clayton, NC) — This farm has been doing the haunted house things for years and each year it gets better. I like it for the hometown vibe, and the high school kids working there are clearly having a blast. It’s not the scariest, but it’s not for little kids, either. The setup is multiple, separate houses/events, and they’re all fun. Don’t miss the hayride. All actors are high schoolers, and there are many loud noises (like chainsaws), so brace yourselves.
Fright scale: 💀💀