You’ve found the website for me, Bart Hubbard, who lives in Durham, NC. Not much to see right now, but perhaps you’d like to peruse my recipes. Or you could read about me performing improv with the Transactors.

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I started taking improv classes in September, 2010 from Anoo Tree Brod and was totally hooked. Since then I’ve taken numerous classes and workshops, performed with various groups, and then in March, 2013 joined the illustrious Transactors Improv Company. The Transactors was founded in Carrboro, NC in 1983, and we perform all over the Triangle area: Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and Cary.

I also teach workshops and classes, and am a former member of the fun-loving and talented Wait, what? Improv.

If you’d like to see me perform you can:

Friends & Fun

Friends’ websites, things on the Internet that entertain me, etc.

Asheville, NC restaurants, breweries, etc.

Charlotte, NC restaurants, breweries, etc.

NYC restaurants and fun stuff

Haunted Houses in North Carolina
Reviews of my favorite haunted attractions that open up in October every year.

Candy Box 2
The most fun web-based game, ever.

Attention Kmart Shoppers
An archive of pre-recorded cassettes played in-store int he 1980’s and 1990’s. Pure nostalgia and easy lo-fi listening.

Retro xmas cheer.

Holly Eats
One man’s journey to eat great, cheap food and write about it.

Put Words Between Buns
Create burger-shaped messages for fun and profit.

Offline – Events in Durham
Fun events around Durham, NC.

Katie Gambill
Katie is on an adventure in Uganda where she is working at a small orphanage. Read her story here.

Sarah Dawson, MSW LCSW – Therapist in Durham
Sarah Dawson is a good friend and skilled therapist in Durham, NC.

Anoo Tree Brod
An amazing improviser, a fantastic improv teacher, and a wonderful friend. Check out her site to learn about classes, workshops, retreats, and more.

An “Aw Yiss” comic generator. If this doesn’t make any sense to you then get your damn self over Kate Beaton’s Hark, a vagrant web comic site. She rules.

Dinosaur Dracula
I like this guy’s style. His nostalgia is stuck on maximum overdrive and he blogs all about the 80s and 90s.

Slap Kirk
Help Captain Kirk out of his madness. By slapping him a lot.

Put Words Between Buns
Just try it.

Space Sword!
One of my favorite childhood toys. Sort of a Star Wars rip off, yet somehow even better.

Fantastic, free music mixes for working out.

Mix Mister
Kickass playlists for every occasion and mood.

Yacht Rock web series
A web series that offers a humorous, fictional account of the history of Yacht Rock. I love it so much.

Cinco Identity Generator 2.5
For fans of Tim and Eric. And Paul Rudd.

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