July 2, 2020
I wish we could go back and time and do it again, like Groundhog Day…
The first day would be the same with sushi hand-rolls (except we’d order more at the start), pie, and the brewery. Dinner, however, would be somewhere much better. I’d find a way to get us into the fancy Japanese place I wanted to take you (and couldn’t). The 4 of us would have a fantastic night eating all sorts of small courses.

Saturday would be the same – figs and a drive and swimming!

Sunday we’d spend alone, though. Sleep in, then head to a nicer place for brunch, then to the thrift shop, then to the arcade, then to the Japanese shopping center with the cool dollar store and the comic shop, and finally we’d get sushi.

July 2, 2020
Here’s my daydream of an alternate today:
I pick you up at 9am in a convertible Corvette. You have on your sunglasses, and you grab your bag and a hat and we take off for Wrightsville beach. We have a lovely drive, listening to music and making stops to take selfies in front of funny signs and to buy french fries at McDonalds. We get there and have a picnic on the beach of cheese, water crackers, prosciutto, figs, olives, and seltzer. We walk down the beach looking at shells, and when we get hot we walk out into the ocean and swim. After a few hours we change into dry clothes in a public restroom and have a leisurely drive back home. We take a shower together and then snuggle up with Bean on the couch before going to bed.

July 7, 2020
We’re walking around downtown Asheville and it starts raining on us. Most people run for cover but we stay in the rain, holding hands and dancing and laughing and yelling out for people to come join us and enjoy the water. I start beat boxing and you start rapping and crowd forms and as the rain slowly stops they all start clapping and cheering and we use the $12 in change they throw us in tips to buy ice cream at French Broad. The end.